Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services
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Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services

You might never give a second thought to trash collection services other than to place your trash on the end of your driveway on the appropriate day. My name is Lisa, and I want to tell you why you should think about your local sanitation and what happens to your trash after the garbage workers have taken it away. Did you know that trash that is not appropriately collected can cause health problems in your community? It can also damage the environment and the quality of your water and air. Educate yourself about what happens to the trash in your community so you can effectively fight for the health of your family and your planet.

Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services

4 Useful Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Portable Restroom Rentals

Steve Russell

The availability of portable toilet rentals has made hosting outdoor events easy. If you plan an outdoor event, you'll need enough toilets to accommodate everyone gracing the gathering. Besides, you want to ensure there are no waiting lines and the restrooms are clean. So how do you ensure the efficient use of the rental units? The following are tips to keep the facilities running well.

1. Get Enough Units

One of the biggest nightmares at an event is long waiting lines at the restrooms. Therefore, you'll need to get enough toilets to minimize waiting lines. If the facilities are always occupied, cleaning them can become a problem.

It is important to know how many people you expect at the event. Use the number to determine how many units you will order. If you offer drinks, food, and alcohol, consider increasing the number of restrooms since more people might need to use the restroom more frequently.

2. Set Them Up Appropriately

Arranging your portable restrooms in a cluster can be the perfect recipe for trouble. Clustered arrangements are likely to cause confusion and congestion. Consider spacing them out if you have ample space at the venue. You can also divide them into separate areas for different genders. This will help prevent traffic and reduce confusion among guests. You can also ask the rental company to help you set up the restrooms. Since the experts have more experience, they might advise how best to arrange the units.

3. Install Signs

You might want to place signs directing guests to the appropriate restroom area. Placing signs makes it easier for guests to find the facilities and helps avoid confusion. Label restrooms for men and women, as well as handicap-accesssible restrooms. You could also place directional signs around the event venue to show guests where the restrooms are.

4. Get a Separate Hand Washing Station

Luxury portable restrooms often come with inbuilt hand washing or sanitizing stations within the unit. However, if you choose the standard options that are often more affordable, you might need to rent separate hand washing stations. When you have a large event, getting separate hand washing stations frees up the toilets quickly so you can reduce waiting time. Rental companies also provide sanitizing stations depending on your needs.

Are you looking for portable restroom rentals for your event? Follow the tips discussed above to witness the full efficiency of the toilet rentals when hosting outdoor parties, weddings, or festivals. Feel free to contact and consult with the experts if you have more concerns.