Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services
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Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services

You might never give a second thought to trash collection services other than to place your trash on the end of your driveway on the appropriate day. My name is Lisa, and I want to tell you why you should think about your local sanitation and what happens to your trash after the garbage workers have taken it away. Did you know that trash that is not appropriately collected can cause health problems in your community? It can also damage the environment and the quality of your water and air. Educate yourself about what happens to the trash in your community so you can effectively fight for the health of your family and your planet.


Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services

Looking to Rent Portable Restroom Trailers? Items That May Not Be Included on the Estimate

Steve Russell

Portable restroom trailers are used for a variety of reasons. You may be hosting a carnival or festival in an open field, or hosting a wedding or party in a secluded area. Regardless of why you need the portable restroom trailer, it is important to obtain estimates from various companies before signing a rental contract. This helps you to compare prices and find the company that fits within your budget. However, when you obtain estimates, you may notice that some are higher than others. This is because some estimates are all inclusive, or include charges for everything, while others only include the rental price for the portable restroom trailers.

Here are a few of the items that you may need to pay for that may not be included on the estimate. 

Hauling, Set-Up & Haul-Off Costs

Most portable restroom trailer companies will haul the restroom trailer to your site, set it up and then haul it away when you are done with it. Some companies will include this cost in the price of the rental. Other companies will charge extra for it. When you are obtaining estimates, always find out if this price is included. If it is not, ask how much it will be, as it is a service you will need. 

Power & Water Costs

Another cost that may or may not be included on the estimate is the power and water costs. If you are setting the trailer up on land that has electricity and/or water you can connect to, you may not have additional charges for these services. However, if there is not water or electricity, the portable restroom trailer company may need to provide you with a portable electricity and water source. This may not be included in the estimate and can increase the price significantly. 

Cleaning Costs

The last item that may not be included on your estimate when renting a portable restroom trailer is cleaning costs. Before the trailer can be hauled away, waste needs to be pumped out. In some cases, the rental company will do this for an additional charge. In other cases, it is up to you to find a pumping and cleaning company before the rental can be hauled away. 

Knowing what you will need to pay for when you rent portable restroom trailers will help ensure that you can ask for pricing for these items when you get estimates. This helps you obtain an estimate for all of the services you will need, allowing you to properly compare estimates and find the right company for your portable restroom trailer needs.