Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services
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Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services

You might never give a second thought to trash collection services other than to place your trash on the end of your driveway on the appropriate day. My name is Lisa, and I want to tell you why you should think about your local sanitation and what happens to your trash after the garbage workers have taken it away. Did you know that trash that is not appropriately collected can cause health problems in your community? It can also damage the environment and the quality of your water and air. Educate yourself about what happens to the trash in your community so you can effectively fight for the health of your family and your planet.


Why You Need to Be Aware of Sanitation Services

How To Maintain The Campgrounds At Your Family Reunion

Steve Russell

Are you the designated person who is supposed to be in charge of the campground cleanup at your next family reunion? That might not be as much fun as being the person in charge of planning fun games or interesting crafts. However, if you do things right, this job could turn out to be a relatively easy one. From making rules to renting portable dumpsters, here are some ideas that might help you to maintain the campgrounds at your family reunion.

Start With Renting Portable Dumpsters - Of course, if you are staying at a place like a state park, there will more than likely already be established dumpsters at the location. However, if you are setting up camp somewhere else, you'll need to take care of renting dumpsters yourself.

  • Find out if the company where you are renting the dumpsters will deliver them to your campsite.
  • If you are too far away for that service, you'll need to transport the dumpsters yourself.
  • Either way, the dumpsters you rent will be clean when you get them. 
  • Determine from the company if you have to empty them or if that is part of the service.
  • Tell the company where you are renting the dumpsters how many people will be at your reunion so that they can suggest how many dumpsters you need to rent.

Making The Clean Up Fun - Start your reunion with a short meeting where you will establish some easy-to-follow rules.

  • If you are camping as families, offer a prize to the family that keeps its area the cleanest.
  • For extra fun, think of having large artificial flowers that you can easily place at campsites that look extra clean.
  • Consider giving everybody in your group a set time in the evenings that trash has to be collected and deposited in the dumpsters.
  • Obviously, you'll want the dumpsters in an easy-to-reach place. 
  • Think of having mini waste containers in designated places and having different people collect them each evening.

Whether you are at a campsite that has established dumpsters or whether you rent them for the duration of your family reunion, remind your family campers that there may be wild animals in the area. If you are camping in tents, tell everybody that food inside the tent is a very bad idea. Those wild critters just might be very tempted to help themselves to food right inside the tents.